Na Hyung Choi

Programmer, Geologist, Cat Mom


Hi! I'm Na Hyung.

... It rhymes with "Ma-Young," a made-up word.

portrait of Na Hyung Welcome! I'm a software engineer specializing in web development. I received a Certificate in Web Development from Epicodus (Seattle Campus) in November 2019. Most recently, I completed an internship with Wheelhouse Digital Marketing Group, where I worked on a business intelligence product built serverlessly with Node.js, React, and AWS.

My background is in geology. As a student in geology, I romped around landscapes all over the United States mapping rock outcrops, studying soil profiles, and researching active faults. After graduation, I sharpened my GIS and data visualization skills as a Research Fellow at the National Energy Technology Lab. Then, I spent 2.5 years as a consulting geologist, assessing and mitigating geologic hazards such as landslides, soil settlement, and liquefaction in Washington and Oregon.

While working as a geologist, I thought of some mobile apps that I wished existed. I thought maybe I could build them myself someday. So I started teaching myself JavaScript on Codecademy in my free time. This new hobby reminded me of how much I enjoyed learning and using MATLAB for my graduate research. After I learned about coding boot camps, I decided to pursue a new career in tech.

I thrive when I'm constantly learning new things. I believe that the quality of code and documentation are just as important as the quality of user experience. My dream job would be one where my software skills, scientific background, and people skills will be valued and used.


screenshot of MunchPrep

A meal planning and grocery shopping list Web app.
React / Redux / Google Firebase (Cloud Firestore, Firebase Auth) / Jest

screenshot of Circles

Social networking site prototype, for discovering new friends.
C# / ASP.NET Core (MVC, Web API, Identity) / MySQL / Entity Framework Core / Azure (App Service, SQL Database)

screenshot of Grocery Cart

Grocery Cart
Grocery shopping list Web app built serverlessly with AWS.
JavaScript / AWS (DynamoDB, Lambda, API Gateway)